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Training times and locations

At Kungfu Maastricht we have the following training days and times:

Mondays (adults and youth from 9 years)

19.00 – 21.00
Gymzaal Heer 2
Kelvinstraat 1

The entrance to the hall is a bit hidden. You have to go up the small stairs and through the gate LEFT next to the sign that says “Children’s Center De Vlinderboom Hoofdingang” (do not follow the arrow!).
Behind the tree, you will see a red door under a canopy. That’s where you go in.

Wednesdays (for trainers only)

19.30 – 21.00
Gymzaal Heer 2
Kelvinstraat 1


Kung fu is an Eastern martial art in which mutual respect, values ​​and discipline are very important. Does that suit you? Then you are very welcome to come and train with us. Then sign up here.

Free trial lesson

Not sure yet? Then take a free kung fu trial lesson. Let us know in good time when you are coming so that we can take this into account. Register here with the trainers.
For the trial lesson, we recommend long black sports pants and a white t-shirt. We train barefoot, so shoes and socks are not necessary.

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